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Apprentice Kit Red A3

Product #:  Apprentice Kit Red A3
Apprentice Kit: RED A3
1 Katana GEM "K" SERIES Scissor. Red adjusting screw and red finger inserts. Available sizes to select K5.0", 5.5",
6.0" & 6.5". Ideal for slicing, point cutting, scissor over comb and general cutting.
1 Katana GEM "KT"SERIES Thinning Scissor.  Red adjusting screw and red finger inserts.  Ideal for all thinning and clam shell finish for smooth thinning and texturizing.
1 Katana Razor Red with one feather styling blade
1 Wahl Equipment bag available  red.
1 Wahl Blow Drier Red 6000
1 Wahl Clippers 2000  red when available or black/Chrome
1 Denman 7 row Brush Black with red rubber cushion
4 Hi-Lift Pure Bora Bora Bristle Black/with  red rubber grip on handles. (sml,med,lge,e/lge)
1 Cricket radial black red  SERIAL " RP"
1 Cricket vent brush
5 Combs black  Goldilocks or Cleopatra cutting, tail plastic end, tail steel end, prong, basin
6 Red sectioning clips
If you would like to change anything in the kit including colors and brands please contact us below:
Save AU$ 200.00 on this kit.
Phone: 07 4095 3388  Mobile: 0413 748 288

Price:  AU$ 800.00

   Apprentice Kit Red A3
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Price: AU$ 800.00

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