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DH55 Katana Slimline set Purple

Product #:  DH55
DH55 Katana Slimline set Purple
All purpose professional  high grade Japanese Steel Hair Scissor.  
Fine blades allows for all barbering techniques, precision chipping, point cutting, slicing and channeling.
Thinning Scissor high grade Japanese Steel 30   teeth for all barbering techniques.  Long-lasting wear. Teeth on top for accurate control & better thinning.
BLADE TYPE: Fine Blades &  Clam shell edge.   Thinning Scissor 30 teeth "V" notch
Over AU$ 50.00 on Set
That includes Bonus scissor oil & cloth

Price:  AU$ 528.00 - AU$ 568.00

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SELECT COLOR OPTION: Personalize your scissor with colored screw assembly and finger inserts: 
AU$ 528.00 - AU$ 568.00

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