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FLK55 Katana Perfect elite left hand

Product #:  FLK55

Katana Perfect elite series scissors are ideal use for precise hair cutting in all Barbering techniques, slicing, scissor over comb, chipping, point cutting and channeling. The unique curved blade gives you a precise cutting action with each and every cut and reduces the tendency to push the hair, eliminating time consuming repeated trimming of unevenly cut hair .

This scissor guarantees amazing smooth, soft cutting, perfect slice-cut action and a longer cutting life.

Blade type : Samurai techniques in making Katana samurai swords: Durability and long lasting curved edge that outlast all conventional blades that we know of. High grade Japanese forged steel. Your blades also wear more evenly because of the ideal opening angle which is mostly the same over the entire length of the blade.

Price:  AU$ 545.00

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SELECT COLOR OPTION: Personalize your scissor with colored screw assembly and finger inserts: 
Price: AU$ 545.00

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