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Feather Styling Blades

Product #:  Feather Styling Blades
Feather Styling Blades Japanese.
Ours are the original Japanese Feather Styling Blades. Don't accept copies as they are inferior and do not last as long.
Available 1 single  box of a total of 10 blades  Price AU$ 18.70
Available 1 carton (5 boxes of 10 blades total 50 blades with free metal feather dispenser.) Save by buying the carton.
Choose    1 box    Price AU$ 18.70
                 1 carton Price AU$ 85.50
Price:  AU$ 18.70 - AU$ 85.50

   Feather Styling Blades
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AU$ 18.70 - AU$ 85.50

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