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Feather double sided blades Platinum Premium

Product #:  Feather double sided
Description:    1 pkt = 5 blades

FEATHER DOUBLE SIDED BLADES PLATINUM PREMIUM PLUS  Feather make 3 grades of these blades.
(These are the number 1 top quality blades that Feather make) 
Feather double sided blades can be broken in half and used in quiet a variety of razors,
Razors for example to fit are:  Dorko, Wahl, Focus etc
These double sided blades platinum premium plus are one of the best lasting blades on the market.   We have not found one better than this blade for durability and sharpness.
Long lasting and endurance. 
Saves You  money in the long run.
Purchase  1 @ AU$ 4.50
Purchase 20 @ AU$ 3.50

Price:  AU$ 4.50 - AU$ 71.50

   Feather double sided
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AU$ 4.50 - AU$ 71.50

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