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Katana regal all sizes

Product #:  HP50 To HP65
Katana Regal
Katana Regal is made from Japanese Steel Titanium. 
Beautiful unique designed patterned scissor, with quality steel  and smooth cutting performance. I beleive it looks better than the photo on the internet.
Slimline blade is perfect for point cutting, slicing, scissor over comb and all hairdressing techniques.
Long lasting steel and available in a variety of sizes.
Sizes: 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5"
5.0" & 5.5"  price AU$ 395.00
6.0"              price AU$ 405.00
6.5"              price AU$ 415.00
Price:  AU$ 395.00 - AU$ 415.00

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AU$ 395.00 - AU$ 415.00

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