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K60 Available in more sizes Katana GEM orange

Product #:  K60
 Katana Gem Series
1. All purpose scissor High grade Japan steel for durability and long
lasting strength in sharpness.and cutting
2. Ideal  "For all Barbering & Hairdressing  Techniques.
3.Including scissor over comb, slicing, channelling, chipping and  point cutting.

4. Finger rest also has  gem stone in the end matching the colored screw assembly with 2 colored finger inserts for comfort

Blade type:-Hamaguri (clam shell edge) Japanese Steel
Available in 5.0", 5.5" 6.0", 6.5"
SELECT COLOR STONE: Orange, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Jade, Emerald, Silver, Gold & Black


Price:  AU$ 269.00 - AU$ 279.00

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Color stone & Grips: 
AU$ 269.00 - AU$ 279.00

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