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Katana Gem Floral

Product #:  KF50", KF55", KF60",KF65"
 Katana Gem Floral Series
Purple Titanium with beautiful floral pattern inside and outside of blade.
For Precision Cutting, slicing, chipping and point cutting.
All purpose scissor High grade Japanese steel titanium for durability and long
lasting strength in sharpness and cutting
Blade Type:-Hamaguri (clam shell edge)
AVAILABLE SIZES  TO CHOOSE:  5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5"
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5.0" Price AU$ 329.00
5.5" Price AU$ 349.00
6.0" Price AU$ 359.00
6.5" Price AU$ 369.00



Price:  AU$ 329.00 - AU$ 369.00

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AU$ 329.00 - AU$ 369.00

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