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KS60 Katana Swivel

Product #:  KS60
Katana Swivel series scissors:-  are ideal use for precise hair cutting in all Barbering techniques, slicing, scissor over comb, chipping, point cutting and channeling. The  blade gives you a precise cutting action.  of   Swivel thumb allows for easy and flexibility in hair cutting techniques.

Swivel thumb and offset handle eliminates and or reduces pain in wrist, hands, shoulders and back.
Also allow you easy and flexibility in hair cutting techniques.  RSI (Repetitive strain injury minimizes pain)

This scissor guarantees amazing smooth, soft cutting, perfect slice-cut action and a longer cutting life.

Blade type : : High Grade Japanese Steel, Hamguri Edge (clam shell edge)
SELECT SIZE: Available in 6.0" and 5.5"
SELECT COLOR:  A variety of color assembly screw and matching inserts. Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Jade, Emerald, Black, orange , yellow , silver Japan screw, Gold Screw.
Swivel Handle relaxes shoulder muscles, arms, thumb and wrist.

Price:  AU$ 349.00 - AU$ 359.00

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AU$ 349.00 - AU$ 359.00

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