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DHS55 Katana swivel pink set

Product #:  DHS55
DHS55 Katana swivel pink set
 The moving thumb  prevents RSI (Repetitive strain injury). Also allows freedom and easy mobility of hand when creating any style. Techniques such as slide cutting, channel cutting, chip cutting, are made so  easy as the thumb ring moves to make it  easy to flick the scissor in any direction. The design and function allows the stylist to lessen hand and wrist movement, drops the shoulder and eliminates fatigue during a busy day of cutting.
A saving of  AU$ 60.00 on purchasing the set. Includes free scissor oil & cloth.
BLADE TYPE: Fine blades, Hamaguri edge (clam shell edge) Japanese High Quality steel
Also available in 6.0" Scissor & Thinner.
Price:  AU$ 630.00

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Price: AU$ 630.00

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