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Holster Black

Product #:  DH 804 Holster
Soft supple black square holster. Fits scissors, combs, razor, sectioning clips etc.
Very versatile can be used as a holster around waste or shoulder  with equipment open or as an equipment  holder as strap can be taken off. 
Cover  protects your equipment when not in use with an easy strong magnetic clip keeping all equipment firmly secured.
Fits combs, clips, scissors, razor, thinners etc. 
Very practical and sits  nice and flat on the side of hip or in front of body.
Photo below of out side look and above inside look with plenty of apartments plus back. Strong magnetic clip keeps all equipment safe.  Or cover can  be folded back and used around waist , shoulder  or open on bench.
Price:  AU$ 48.80

   DH 804 Square Holster
   Click for larger image

Price: AU$ 48.80

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